There are more but you’re busy, so here’s the condensed version.

5. Think Global
If you’re looking for an opportunity to travel the country and the globe, consulting engineering can make it happen. There are opportunities in countries around the world and Canadian consulting engineering companies are among the most respected players in this industry. Pack your bags, get ready to see the world and shape it.

4. Make a Difference
Consulting engineers can have an enormous impact on the quality of life people enjoy. You think safe roads and bridges are important? You value the health benefits of clean drinking water? You’re charged up by the link between reliable, affordable electricity and economic development? Then this is a career you can most definitely feel passionate about.

3. Go Green
Some people talk about the importance of renewable energy and sustainable development. Consulting engineers take action. If you love this planet, you’ll love designing the technology that will keep our air and water clean and clear for future generations.

2. Real Challenges
You didn’t choose an engineering degree because you like snoozing through life with your brain on stand-by. Face it, you’re hooked on the thrill of learning, thinking and solving. You love to tackle the big challenges others may run from. Consulting engineering is all about solving problems: small day to day problems that affect people’s lives, and large, complex problems that affect society. And when you’re part of the team that finds the safest, most cost-effective and elegant solution, well… the feeling is pure magic.

1. Great Opportunities
It’s OK to be practical too. You’ve invested some serious amounts of money and thousands of hours into becoming an engineer. Now you’d like to turn that investment into a career with real growth potential. Well, look around you. Notice all the work that’s happening right now in this country and around the world as we renew and modernize our infrastructure. You see all those worksites where new roads, bridges, buildings, transit systems and water treatment facilities are being built? Well, consulting engineers are involved and in demand on every one of them.

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