Arc Welding Face Shields And Glasses

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A welder should bear in mind that proper protection is absolutely necessary to guard himself against the danger of electric shocks, burns, ultra-violet rays and bits of welding slag in the eye. Unitor face shields for welding are made from a lightweight, robust plastic material which is unaffected by heat, cold or moisture, and both glasses and shields conform to relevant EN standards.

This Shield is the AutoVision Plus with respiratory unit. It gives the user clean, filtered air inside the helmet, and prevents inhalation of welding fumes. The airflow will keep the user fresh and let him concentrate on the work. The kit is CE approved and conforms to EN 12941-TH2P. The fan battery recharges in 2-4 hours and will provide up to 220 liters per minute for at least 8 hours.

The basis is a lightweight well designed shield which allows good air flow for the welder, and a head band that allows unique possibilities for adjustment:

• Distance to face

• Angle in relation to face

• Height on head

• Head diameter

• Stay-up friction

Replaceable inside and outside protective lenses, headband and sweatband for the headband is available as spares. The shield is equipped with a light powered quick automatic darkening glass that switches from low shade (4) to selected shade within to selected dark state within 0,4 milliseconds (0,0004 sec)The low shade state allows for good vision while chipping slag, grinding and repositioning for next arc striking.Dark mode is adjusted with a knob at the side of the shield, from shade 9 to 13 which is from the lowest TIG welding settings (5-10A) to extreme processes at + 400A arc current

This is the AutoVision face shield with headband where the AutoVision cassette is replaced with a flip-up front frame. A clear safety glass is placed in the fixed frame under the flip-up frame protecting the eyes when chipping slag. The flip-up front frame is fitted with a filter shade glass with shade selected according to welding current used. The filter shade glass is protected against spatter by a clear protection glass fitted in front of it. Shade 11 glass is supplied as standard with the shield. The glasses have dimension 60 x 110 mm.

The Flip-Vision face shield is also available with safety helmet instead of headband.

The face shield with handle is also supplied with shade 11 dark glass and clear protection glass as standard. It is designed to also protect the hand holding it from radiation.

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